Green Transition Together – Let’s Share Our Knowledge!

The green transition is now well underway. We will from this week invite everybody to share best practice examples from working life on our green webpage – “”, with the intention of becoming wiser together.

Our aim is to implement a green transition for the workforce by reaching the climate targets for 2030 and 2050, in a just manner.

The green transition should be an opportunity for creating more, and better jobs, making sure that no one is left behind. We need to secure training and education, job security, skills development, and a healthy and safe working environment.

Worker participation is fundamental for our mission towards a just, green transition. Workers know their enterprises’ potential the best, and hold the experience and competence to lead their workplace in the right direction.

Making the most out of the workers’ knowledge

Firstly, worker participation for the green transition means making the most out of the workers’ knowledge on specific practices, materials and routines – securing that decisions are made on the most well-informed grounds. Secondly, worker participation has shown to improve the health and security at work.

Our understanding is that there is a demand in our society, from both the employer- and employee side for the good examples on how workers can participate in making their workplaces more environmentally sustainable. In that connection, we have gathered initiatives and stories from Danish enterprises that show us how worker participation can be done.

Through publishing the good examples on worker participation from the working life, we wish to share our knowledge and to initiate a conversation on how we, in the best way possible, can implement the green transition together.