“New” computers made out of waste

What is the solution for the massive electronic waste produced every year? A Danish company has found a green way to save the nature for electronic devices ending up in rivers and lakes in developing countries.

North Sea Summit: The recipe for a successful just green transition is planning ahead

The Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen and the Danish Minister of Climate and Energy, Dan Jørgensen, has invited the president of the European Commission, the German Chancellor, the prime ministers from the Netherlands and Belgium and the climate ministers from these countries to the North Sea Summit. At the summit the countries, will announce the common aim of increasing the capacity 4-fold by 2030 (65 GW) and 10-fold by 2050 (150 GW).

The French want climate action: No one must be left behind

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN FRANCE: The second round in the French presidential election will be held this Sunday. It is the first election after the yellow vests’ protests, and one of the big topics in the election is a just green transition.

From problematic waste to important resource

A just green transition requires workers involvement. A Norwegian company Glava has succeeded in finding climate change solutions by involving the workers. A “sustainability day” is one way to involve and generate green ideas that can improve environmentally sustainable production.

Pia and Nina work towards a climate friendly workplace

Pia Olesen and Nina Heidelbach work to enable the green transition at their workplace, the company Alfa Laval in Aalborg. Therefore, the two worker representatives have participated in HK Private’s course “Climate Activism at the Workplace”, and established a climate committee. HK is Denmark’s largest union for salaried employees.