Local Government in Denmark and The Danish Association of Local Government Employees Organisations initiates campaign to gather the workers’ green ideas

We can only reach the climate targets for 2030 if the private and the public sectors cooperate. In addition to the strengths of the corporate sector, we must take advantage of the potentials inherent in our state, regions and municipalities. While the public sector itself is responsible for a relatively small amount of total carbon emissions, its power of influence has a much larger scope.

Green Transition Together – Let’s Share Our Knowledge!

The green transition is now well underway. We will from this week invite everybody to share best practice examples from working life on our green webpage – “greentransitiontogether.com”, with the intention of becoming wiser together.

Danish Industrial Sector Initiates Worker Participation for the Green Transition through Collective Agreement

Worker participation is fundamental for the green transition. Competence gained from specific experiences and knowledge regarding materials and routines allow workers to assist their workplace in the right direction. The workers’ three roles Workers will have three important roles in their participation for the green transition. Firstly, workers will implement measures in their everyday work…