Award-winning company puts green transition on the works council’s agenda

In 2021 Johnson Controls Denmark won the CO-industri’s Cooperation Award. Johnson Controls Denmark got awarded for putting the green transition on the agenda at every meeting in the works council.

Since 1885 Johnson Controls Denmark has been making buildings smarter. A smarter building is safer, more comfortable, more efficient, and ultimately more sustainable.

FH believes that the works council should play a central roll in the green transition in all companies.

It is among other initiatives though the works council that it is possible to get workers involved in the green transition and to ensure that the workers’ knowledge gets used.

The workers are “on the ground” and have a deep knowledge of the companies and can provide very concrete and effective solutions.

The workers and their union representatives of Johnson Controls Denmark have showed, that they through collaboration can find green solutions.

The workers have experienced that they have been listened to and their green ideas have been implemented.

Trust and support from the leadership are keys for the company’s green success.


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