Company cars replaced by bicycles

A green transition of transportation is taking place in different sectors in Copenhagen. Two good examples are from a service and real estate company, Jeudan, and the health and care administration in the Municipality of Copenhagen

As in all other big cities it is difficult to find a parking space in Copenhagen.

Craftsmen having to visit customers in different spots during a day waste time looking for there to park the company car.

A Copenhagen based company, Jeudan, has found a solution to the parking problem and a green transition of the industry. A part of the company cars has been replaced by bicycles.

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Cycling is greener and reduces stress

The response from the workers has been positive, they feel less stressful by cycling rather than driving and the replacement has made the working day easier.

At the same time, it has made their transportation greener.

For social and health care workers and nurses, electric bicycles have also made the workday easier.

After a negotiation with the trade union FOA, the Municipality of Copenhagen has found 5,4 million DKK to buy 400 electric bicycles for their social and health care workers and nurses. These will reduce the use of cars.

Some of the social and health care workers and nurses are used to cycling around to visit the citizens, but with a very busy work day, an electric bicycle will make the transportation easier for the benefit of the workers and the citizens, as it gives more time to provide care.

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More time on heart of the work

At the same time, it reduces the risk for attrition and may make it easier to recruit new employees.

The response here has also been positive.

They spend less time on transportation and more time on what is at the heart of the work; providing care. Also, the kilometers they cycle every day have given them more energy and a mental surplus.

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