Companies are looking for ways to recycle their products

Companies are looking for ways to recycle their products

According to a new survey by DTU Sustain, Danish companies are generally lacking behind, when it comes to circular economy. FH call for employers to understand the differences workers can make, when they are given freedom to actively engage in the green transition of the workplace!

4 recommendations for a green Christmas at the workplace!

Christmas time is over us and all over the world companies are doing different activities to enhance the Christmas spirit in favor for a positive culture in the workplace! But have you thought about, if your company is promoting a just, green and sustainable Christmas culture?

22 billions DKK invested in new green fund supporting Power-to-X

22 billions DKK invested in new green fund supporting Power-to-X

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) wants to fund projects focusing on innovative green solutions such as hydrogen technologies and Power-to-X. Technologies focusing on making wind power into green molecules to power big transportation industries such as shipping and the airspace industry.

Climate panel of employees call for climate action!

In 2020 FH created the Climate Panel of Employees and now they have launched their report presenting 8 recommendations for a greener future with employee involvement and active participation of the workplace

Danish companies encourage further education for a just green transition

If we want to make small companies a part of the green transition, leaders, employees and board members need to be educated in the right skills and we need to hire more skilled labor where it is needed. Two Danish companies; Business Hub Northern Denmark and Copenhagen Capacity received funding to work with this exact issue.

State of the Union: Ursula von der Leyen highlights the need for more green and good jobs

First a pandemic and then a war on European territory. The European Union and its citizens are facing difficult times. Now is the time for a just green transition. We must phase out fossil fuels and stand together to create a sustainable and safe future. This was one of the messages coming from Ursula von der Leyen’s address to Europe last week.